Sunday, 8 April 2012

The Tiger Moth & The Trestle

Lao Tzu
“Watch your thoughts; they become words. Watch your words; they become actions. Watch your actions; they become habit. Watch your habits; they become character. Watch your character, it becomes your destiny.”
― Lao Tzu

She holds a candle to The Trestle
and waits impatiently for the flame
to take. They say she was profligate
with time and thought;
Why did she leave the pathway open
for so long?
To return In sentimental rendezvous?
These are the paths of the unforgiving.

Unlike the wounds that she left bleeding
This burning will not harm nor scar
as the words she wrote at eighteen,
muted in the sweat and tears of uniform.
The hemostatic flames begin their healing.

A strata of tears, once petrified in leaves
of shale, begin to blister and pale
weeping their release through fissures
of dusk. Page by page. The warp and fade.

She stops beating: The Bulls Heart.
The doors of Nautilus swing open, unhinged
hemorrhaging silt and solitude.

Rising from the slate, unsheathed
Tiger moths bellow to the thermal springs
and footstone sky nods obsidian
to the smoking pyre. As

Time turns its felsic heel to rain,
Befalls each footprint to the tinder step,
Recalls to mind in thought, a different fate.


  1. first, as a person with a background in geology, I love the geological refrences. Even though it has fiery imagery, the poem seems to be very dark. There's a sadness to the speaker. I can't completely place the reason why she (only guessing its a female speaker) is sad. Perhaps she was abandoned or abandoned someone else. She might be feeling regret for it. It's almost like a dream that's vivid enough to remember much of but to cloudy to remember all of it. Either way, it's interesting. I like it.

  2. Thanks Anthony, kind of you to take time to read and comment :) Yes overall it is dark and is about a ceremonial burning of the things we hold on to unnecessarily. Its about taking action to change things in a good way and that is where the Tiger Moth comes in. I have studied geology and was inspired by a chance visit to Lyme Regis yesterday ;)

  3. Wow a great verse, a darkness yet a growing fire within to rid ones self of the stuff they hold onto that they shouldn't. So many just latch on because it is easy, no matter what it is in life and don't live it. wonderful write.

  4. i like the quote that you start this with...and how you play off it in your poem...and how hard it can be to change the paths we've been walking on too long...nice

  5. really nice write...another i would love to hear by you...the ritual too you speak of int he burning of things we hold has a def scary element to it as we ponder what it is we would give up...and hope at the freedom found on the other side...

    1. Thanks Brian, I will do a recording for this :)

  6. A nice write....sometimes it's easier holding on to things...instead of change our path....

  7. Gorgeous but measured and cerebral language--this is a finely crafted piece with startling images at times, moody and evolving, both to read and line by line. An excellent poem I'd like to spend some time with and get to know.

    1. Thank you, I really appreciate your feedback especially coming from such a fine writer!

  8. Rising from the slate, unsheathed
    Tiger moths bellow to the thermal springs
    and footstone sky nods obsidian
    to the smoking pyre.

    wunderbar! - i this is standout and hedge is right cerebral -
    with oodles of atmosphere... on my first visit i go so distracted by the title below i had to come back... then theres my smart arse backfire - lol - maybe i've given a complete character portrait in 2 blog visits - jeez i'm easy! ;)

    this is so rich and strong and V.controlled

    proper pleased i stopped by...twice :)

    1. Lol! You don't hold back that's for sure, you've been having fun all over my poetry and it has made me smile lots :)