Thursday, 12 April 2012

C. vomitoria's Feast

Alimentary canals drape, like fresh water pearls
The Battle remains, from carnal foray
BLOOD & GUTS display like a grenade
through Whitemores window.

That's the price you pay for miniature;
Les saucissons petites in tangled array
Visceral on the verdure of pitty.
This kitty sacrificed them both:

Mure musculi betrothed and departed
Micky and Minnie broken;
hearts disemboweled and imparted,
torso's contorted and proud
brought to ground by the jowls
of Misty.

They fought in The Jaws!
Inflagrante Delicto
while  mother partied;
calypso in Alicante.
These siamese,
massacred for the twinset,
while she sits sacrosanct in the sunset.

1 comment:

  1. This was a cool poem. Siamese cats both eating mice in poem form. It's subtle though. At first I thought it was some other kind of murder. I liked it.