Wednesday, 8 February 2012

OpenLinkNight :A Panegyric Upon A Peacock - For you and about you, Aoife Hegarty.

BAPTISED a child of Lir, Mythic daemon
Of the air, as pistol unto stamen.
Behold! In fables prone to hyperbole,
Or gadabouts, as brave in heart as soul.
By rattle and by snake, you take the poison,
Awash with tears, feather we, to medicine.
Conspicuous in ornamentation,
Victorious in sexual-selection.
Middling ‘for they enter the arena,
Volte-face; beguiled by your demeanour.
Paradise-lover, spent on pheasantry.
A muse of singing as, Melpomene,
Calamity? No! Not e’er a friend to tragedy.
Hitherto, her heart is set in Emeraldry.
A-foot, in green and pleasant land, and yet,
O’er Celtic Sea her loyalty is met.
Our two shores, by antiquity, divide,
Unabridged by the bitter salt of tide.
Iridescence, in blue-green and gold,
Addressing eyes to watch her tale unfold.
Go on so! Dance and sing a panoply
As peahens flock to tender your display.
Far-crying and stentorian diphthong,
Of English sung in Irish mother tongue.
A caper at the ceilidh, no redress.
Let’s drink to Bacchanalian excess!
‘Til blood of Christ hath turned malodorous,
And fouler air was ne’er so barbarous.
Upon this host, you’ve left your mark, as then,
Eighteenth century Sweden, he did pen;
The botanist, Carolus Linnaeus.
So, Slainte mhaith! Pavo cristatus.

Written in the style of John Oldham, still finding my feet with style.


  1. nice...great flow to this..and an interesting read...not sure if i get all that is going on here but surely enjoyed the read.... need to check out linnaeus..

  2. Thanks for commenting. Glad you enjoyed the read. "not quite getting it" is a common reaction lol, I guess that's where I lack some discipline and maturity in my writing :)

  3. nice...i like it much...i really like your flow...and could her this being read or performed...some really cool references through out...honestly it was the font that made it hard for me...unfamiliar words are cool but if already unfamiliar the type can cause you to miss a letter or two...i dunno...i liked it...smiles.

  4. Agreed, interesting read, though the narrative and its events are unknown to me. Do they reflect an inner dialog, or perhaps imaginary history, of Linnaeus' work itself?

  5. Agreed Brian, tried to change font to make read easier, not hard enough it seems :)Rhythm and sound and words seem to come first and meaning last! Its largely peafowl and Irish references, describing a person. Some bits a bit tongue-in-cheek ;o) A bit of a hotdog, with various unlinked sources :)x Comments really appreciated.

  6. pheasantry or pleasantry? This small, italic typeface is the pits to read!

  7. Typeface issue duly noted! I would refer you to previous comments but, perhaps they too are illegible :o)