Monday, 18 July 2011

One Man's Meat

Banquet for a king. What takes your pleasure?
Discourse, food and wine, in equal measure?
And while you seek to reassure each other,
The fable begins and unfolds the prose.

Round at the table, knights of the garter,
Gather ye men to consider your charter.
Blithely, benighted. Who is the martyr?
Incarcerated and hungry for repose.

Tick...tock...the minutes labour in malignance,
Meat is your poison, wine for complaisance.
Alas on it's chalice, you can only glance;
Unintoxicated and lachrymose.

*Risus Sardonicus pulls up a chair
Together with **Trismus (a bloodthirsty pair)
***Cervicodynia! All too much to bare!
Rigor hunts Mortis to bring to a close.

Rise from the table in glorious defeat,
Bold in your absence.(Your plate is replete).
Order your spirit and take it down neat.
Resign yourself to life indisposed.

*An abnormal grinning expression, resulting from involuntary, prolonged contraction of the facial muscles.
** Spasm of the jaw muscles
***Neck pain.

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