Sunday, 31 July 2011

Ode to a Bunion

Open Link Night dVerse Week 33

Influenced by William Shakespeare, John Donne and Wendy Cope.

Hallux Valgus, they call it. The 'great toe' deviating from the midline. But,
Why so devious? Rebelling against the confines of an ill-fitting shoe?
Perhaps? A genetic anomaly, or, a combination of the two?

Alas! Poor Hallux. I know him, Hypochondrial.
Immured, a forlorn and faded spectre,
Unrecollected by ardent sunlight,
Forever cloistered in those leather walls.

From March to October, when you
Would be at liberty, not cowardly
Hot-footing from ignomony. Carry
Me, cold-shouldering daylight. Excepting-

When not in company. Casting-
Off your shroud, coquettishly. Day-dreaming,
Wishing, for perfect symmetry. Perhaps
High heels, would be a pyrrhic victory?


  1. haha a pyrrhic victory indeed...i think i would take the sandals any day...maybe i am lucky just inheritting my nose...smiles.

  2. Well, I never said it was my bunion ;o) Thankyou both, for comments.

  3. A most fun and exciting write.

    Wonderful word choices as well.

  4. Love the sound of this, shades of Hamlet spooking the world of high heeled fashion. Really, this was highly original. I loved the entire conceit! PS why do women wear them anyway? I always have pictures of fractured ankles each time I see them. Bunions, too, I hear!

    1. Thanks, Charles. Flat shoes are not very flattering to the calf :)

  5. loads of fun. leather walls and hot footing, and i like 'i know him' other than 'i knew him', as the line about poor yorick goes, if i remember correctly:) tremendously enjoyable.

  6. How very clever! The Bard would be so proud. :) Much enjoyed.

    1. Thanks Beth. I'm sure The Bard would turn in his grave :D